Cancellation Policy
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Updated 03/16/2008

Cancellation Policy

 All reservations (including those made with Gift Certificates) are subject to cancellation fees. The fees are as follows:

Day of booking to 3 days prior to departure date - $50.00 fee or Rain Check / Gift Certificate for the full charter amount.

2 days prior to departure date - $75.00 fee or Rain Check / Gift Certificate for the full charter amount.

The day before departure date - $100.00 fee or Rain Check / Gift Certificate issued for the full charter amount.

Same day - Rain Check / Gift Certificate issued for the full charter amount. No Refund issued.
If charter was booked with a Gift Certificate and the customer cancels on the same day of the scheduled charter, your gift certificate will become null and void.

All Rain Checks / Gift Certificates issued are for the full price paid of charter booked. Gift Certificates are valid for up to two years from the original date of purchase. They can be used by the purchasing party at a later date.

* The only exception to the cancellation policy will be due to severe weather which will be the Captain's decision on the day of the scheduled departure. At which time, a full refund will be issued if the Captain deems it unsafe or unfavorable to proceed.

Day of departure conditions in which the Captain WILL NOT cancel a charter for are as follows; a light rain, rain clouds in the sky, a forecast of a possible rain shower, a forecast of cooler weather, too hot out, a forecast of cloudy skies, too cold, it might rain, too windy, you can't get your kids out of bed, your kids suddenly are not feeling well because they don't want to go today, you changed your plans and want to do something different today etc.., etc... Some of these reasons might seem funny, but we've heard all of them in the past!

Other Notes
If it is raining at your hotel on the other side of town, it doesn't mean that it is raining at the marina or the places where we are traveling. We watch the radar consistently and monitor the National Weather Service forecast on our VHF radio. We will stay on top of the weather for you.

We have raincoats on board for everyone if we go through a brief shower. 10 minutes of a passing shower is only a small part of a planned 4 hour charter. Don't let it ruin your vacation.

When you charter the boat, it is for the whole boat, the Captain, and the time slot requested. We WILL BE turning down everyone else requesting your day and time, and telling them it is sold out. We do not double book or keep a running list of prospects. We will keep our commitment to you expecting your commitment to the reservation.

We will make every attempt to reschedule you to a different day or time without any fees if something unexpected comes up for you. We want to work with your party and help you have a nice time and a memorable experience. We will never compromise the safety of our crew or your party.

We look forward to having you aboard!

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